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One Media is a full-service custom software and mobile application development company headquartered in Hilversum, the Netherlands. We began developing monitoring software in 2003 and have grown rapidly ever since. International expansion has been achieved by introducing Kids Secure in Australia and Canada. In 2014 our mobile strategists, developers and designers started creating apps for Android and iOs. WhatAlert is the newest app developed by One Media and has great potential for further international success.

WhatAlert is a new tracking app that allows you to easily follow your family and friends.

You will receive instant notifications when your selected contacts, as for example your child or partner, come online and go offline.

In addition, it provides an overview of status changes and profile images from your selected contacts. Every Whatsapp contact can be tracked regardless of his or her privacy settings.

Cyberbullying happens when kids bully each other through electronic technology.

Kids Secure offers monitoring software that can be installed on your child’s devices and sends out an alert to parents whenever inappropriate or abusive language is being detected on MSN.

This will help minimize the chances that your child will become a victim of cyber bullying.